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We create a one of a kind portrait that shows off the personality of you pet in a fun and colorful way. These are your not so normal pet portraits.

Head only

The Process

1.  Download and fill out the form and email/send to me. A 50% deposit is 
     required before beginning the painting.
2.  Email me photos of your dog (front & both sides). The more the better.
3. I will send you sketch ideas based on information you give me.
4. You select which idea you like and your pet portrait will be created.
5. Other 50% due on deliver or before being shipped.


12" x 12"       $195.00
12" x 24"         $395.00
16" x 20"         $595.00
18" x 24"         $695.00
24" x 30"         $995.00
30" x 40"         $1,095.00
Smaller or larger sizes available. Please contact me for a quote.
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